S02E05: Why Time Management is not Enough

We live in a very distracting time! With the rise of social media, emails, texting apps, SMS and other attention distractors, can we still stick to old productivity rules? Is time management still an effective strategy? Sherif believes it is not enough anymore! In the 18th April webinar, Sherif will discuss why time management is not enough.

S02E05: How Social Interaction Can Make You A Better Translator

Chances are that when you only spend time with yourself and the digital avatars of your clients and peers, you can end up feeling lonely or, in fact, unseen and you start losing touch with family and friends. This can have an impact on your work and self-confidence and make the isolation even worse.

E17S01: 2018 Is Coming To An End—Wrap It Up Like A Pro

Remember how Sherif explained what freelance translators should do when starting out a new year in business at the beginning of 2018? To round off our first season of BizBuddies in Translation, Tanya will share what she does at the end of the year to achieve a number...

E16S01: Simplifying Sales for Freelance Translators

  The word “sales” can cause many freelancers to cringe, and more often than not, it’s especially solopreneurs in translation who shy away from systematic approaches when it comes to selling their services. All too often, they opt for what they...

E15S01: How To Propose To Direct Clients

In our last episode, when we talked about what is important in your first year of freelancing as a translator, the topic of finding direct clients came up. And Tanya was telling our participants about two proposals she had written that week that had both landed her...