Working as a freelancer can sometimes lead to isolation. The reasons can be countless: From long working hours, to being an introvert in general, to using work as an excuse to run and hide from other issues going on in our lives.

Chances are that when you only spend time with yourself and the digital avatars of your clients and peers, you can end up feeling lonely or, in fact, unseen and you start losing touch with family and friends. This can have an impact on your work and self-confidence and make the isolation even worse.

So in this session, I want to talk to with you about strategies to get your social life back on track. I’ll tell you about some episodes in my career when I hardly left my office and how that affected my life and my business. But more importantly, I’ll share with you how I pulled myself out of it and the resources that helped me do so.

Finally, we will have a look at how social interactions can help us be better translators and how they can lead to better numbers in business in terms of work hours, clients, and turnover.



About Tanya Quintieri

She's the Lead Translator, Talent Manager and Web Designer at Mrs. Divi and also runs WP for Translators. She speaks at international translation conferences and is an awarded mentor. In her spare time, she loves spending time at the beach with her family or cooking for family and friends. Email her at [email protected]