BizBuddies is all about sharing knowledge. And we have set out to KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple) the GDPR that goes into full effect on May 25th this year. That’s more two months from today. Enough time to get your act together and most of all to not freak out. Freelance translators hardly have all the processes in place that would require a two-month break from our actual work just to comply with the new regulations. Actually, the lot of them are not that new; especially when you are based in the EU, not that much will change for you (Did you know that the GDPR came into effect 22 months ago, on May 25, 2016? It’s the grace period for full implementation ends on May 25th). However, even if you are based outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, complying with the GDPR is doable.

That being said, we know that the task can seem daunting. There’s a plethora of information out there and you bet it’s a great chance for some “service providers” to rip you off, feeding off your fear, trying to sell you some magic compliance tools or workshops. We won’t have any of that. Therefore, we are teaming up with a lawyer and we are bringing you the real deal. In a BizBuddies Special Edition that is coming soon (yet to be scheduled), our lawyer will walk you through everything you need to know. From collecting and storing business cards to the ‘right to be forgotten’.

To optimally prepare for this Special Edition, we have created the group GDPR for Translators on Facebook. It is tailored specifically to freelance translators. From this Monday on, all throughout April, we will be serving bite-sized chunks of information, informative templates, and actions you need to take and the group serves as a forum for freelance translators to discuss their questions and findings. All for free — aside from the Special Edition webinar. But even that will be very affordable. As professionals, we just don’t think it’s right to ask another professional (the lawyer, in this case) to offer their work for free. You’ll agree, no doubt about it.

If you want to join our group, feel free to visit xl8GDPR on Facebook and submit your request. Don’t forget to answer the three questions while doing so. No answers, no admission. If you don’t see the questions, get in touch with us at [email protected]

To give an idea of what we are planning: There are four ‘chunks’ in the GDPR that apply to freelance translators. We will break those down for you. The image below asks the questions we will be covering. One after another, easily digestible.

GDPR in 4 questions

Together, we can offer a knowledge base for all our fellow freelance translators. Will you be a part of it? Don’t forget to invite all your translator friends, share this post on LinkedIn, email it to your association’s board or post it in your forums. Let’s create something great together: Peace of mind.


Any and all information presented in this group is provided to the best of each author’s knowledge and is based on each individual’s business practice. Please make sure you consult a lawyer, legal assistant or any other professional of their trade if you are not sure about something you learn in this group. No member of the group accepts liability for damages caused should you light-heartedly assume the correctness and applicability of the information provided.

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She's the Lead Translator, Talent Manager and Web Designer at Mrs. Divi and also runs WP for Translators. She speaks at international translation conferences and is an awarded mentor. In her spare time, she loves spending time at the beach with her family or cooking for family and friends. Email her at [email protected]