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Running a Healthy Business

In this FB Live, Tanya will share snippets from her presentation in Prague (#Pragaganza) earlier this month. She will explain how the 7 Dimensions of Wellness apply to our businesses and give tips on how to run your business in a way that’s healthier for you and your wallet, and probably for your project lineup (and thus for your clients, too!).

Date: October 24, 2019 at 4 PM CET, live on Facebook


This is a great show for any translator looking for practical, no-nonsense and experience-based advice on how to get their careers to the next level. Tanya and Sherif are experienced, come from different professional and personal backgrounds, and complement each other perfectly.

Becky Pearse Romera
Spanish Translator

This is a great show that makes CPD entertaining! Forget the typical webinar, welcome the interactive radio-style way to learn something new or enhance your knowledge.

Rea Gutzwiller
English, French, Spanish, and Italian to German Translator


Sherif Abuzid

Sherif Abuzid

Translation Partners

Sherif has been working in language services since 2004. For a decade, he worked as an Arabic translator, project manager, and business development. He holds a master degree in International Business Administration, and studied sales and marketing at the American University in Cairo. Sherif started TranslationPartner in 2009 where he offers language services for Middle Eastern and African languages. He writes weekly articles on his personal website sherifabuzid.com.

Tanya Quintieri

Tanya Quintieri

Mrs. Divi

Tanya is the Lead Translator, Talent Manager and Web Designer at Mrs. Divi. She brings nearly two decades of freelancing to the table, 15+ years of which in the translation arena. As a known speaker in Europe and initiator of many projects centering around promoting the profession and bringing together like-minded people, she has organized low-budget xl8Camps and full-blown conferences, but also events where she introduced freelance translators to potential direct clients.


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